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The Sexiest Valentine’s Gifts for All of Your Loved Ones

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The gift-giving doesn’t stop just because December comes and goes. Valentine’s Day is as commercial as Christmas—if not more. Red and pink, hearts and candy are all common in the stores. So much lingerie. And we’re definitely not against it! In our minds? Sexy Valentine’s gifts always reign supreme. If there’s anything your partner or friends are going to “ooh” and “ahh” over, it’s gonna be sex toys, lingerie, and the like. We don’t blame them!

How can you give a gift related to sex without making it weird? Instead of buying your partner those courtside seats or your best friend a new lipstick, we’ve got some sexier options to make the absolute most of the month of love. Also, we didn’t forget about you either, single ladies—it’s all self-love, baby.


For your significant other…

Savage x Fenty

Glossy Flossy Bustier

What is the best gift you could give Valentine’s Day? Your hot self. In Savage X Fenty, you’re guaranteed to turn heads—no matter your size or body type.

Savage x Fenty

Satin Boxers

Girlies, we can’t keep our lingerie private. These adorable boxers would be great for a heterosexual partner. This is what I chose. These will allow them to go from the kitchen to the bedroom, where they can cook your favorite meal, or even play in the bedroom.


Arousal Serum

Arousal serum that makes you feel warm, tingly and energized wherever it is placed. Additional sensitive? Sign me up.

Nasty Gal

Pleasure Bound Bondage Tape

Tell your partner that you are open to trying something new with the bondage tape. No worries—this doesn’t stick to skin or clothes (just itself!Don’t be afraid to have to take it off. Instead, think of all the ways you could tie each other up.

Creative Conceptions

You & Me Intimacy Board Game

This board game will help your partner and you become closer by using a variety of sexy prompts. You’ll be running to the bathroom in no time. This game is perfect for a home date.


Soy Massage Oil Candle

This candle can be lit at night on the nightstand for sex. It will fill your room with a sweet, sexy cedar and amber fragrance. The wax will then melt, leaving you with a massaging oil that you can use all over the body.


Sex Pillow

This pillow is made to make sex more pleasant. This pillow is not only great for helping you reach those difficult-to-reach places, but it’s also a comfortable pillow that makes sex easier.

Little Genie

A Month of Sex

It’s on the second your partner opens it. This calendar will guide you through 30 days of mind-blowing sex. We won’t judge if you just *happen* to accidentally do two in one day.


Crotchless Pearl Thong

These sweet panties are worthy of a special night in. So wrap them up with some chocolate. AndIt gives your partner something to do.


Butt Tingler 10 Function Vibrating Butt Plug 3.5 Inch

A simple but non-intimidating butt plug is a great way for your partner to show that you are open to trying new things (if you have discussed it). This one isn’t complicated, but it’s perfect for beginners.


For your BFF…


CBD in Women’s Pleasure Serum

Your BFF deserves toe-curling, regardless of whether she is with a partner or by herself. Apply the CBD serum on your vulva and clitoris. Wait 20 minutes and then get to work. The best sex of your life awaits (trust me—it’s editor-approved).

Nasty Gal

Heart Throb Rechargeable intimate Massager

A cute vibrator is something you can’t go wrong. She might even consider keeping it on her nightstand for decor. This vibrator, which costs less than $30, has 10 modes and is waterproof. It can also be charged via USB.

Fleur Marche

Sex, Plz CBD Patch

These patches make a perfect gift with a V-Day card for your best girlfriends (I’m literally planning to give them to my besties this year—shh, no one tell).


Mindful Mineral Soak

While a bubble bath doesn’t have to be sexually explicit by nature, it’s not a bad idea to make it sexual. This CBD soak will soothe sore muscles after long, stressful days.

Chronicle Books

Little Book of Sex

This book is great for a friendly dinner conversation between friends or partners. It also contains tons of useful information, such as more on Kama Sutra and the psychology of attraction.


Sleep Robe

There are many robes that are more fashionable, but none are as stylish and comfortable as this one. This robe is so comfortable that your BFF can move around her apartment and then jump into bed. You’re such an amazing friend.


Bellesa Finger Pro

The Bellesa Finger Pro is a vibrator that will make your best friend laugh. It might look like a Demogorgon. Stranger ThingsHowever, this vibrator’s finger has 10 intensities so you can make the most out of your masturbation sessions.


For yourself…


CBD Intimacy Supplements

Give yourself something to improve your sex experience a lot better. Does sex sometimes feel painful or uncomfortable for you, or do you just struggle to *get there*? These CBD suppositories can be placed in the vaginal or anus for 30-60 minutes before sex. You’ll notice a greater sense of arousal as well as less tension and discomfort.

Nasty Gal

Silicone Multi-Speed G Spot Vbrator

If you already have classic vibrators in place, you may not be familiar with the G-spot model. This is a cheap way to get the vibe before investing. There are many).


Silk Restraints to Make Your Dreams Come True

These are the best restraints you can get for Valentine’s Day. Imagine what a badass b*tch you’ll be rolling up to your next Bumble date with these. You are a sexy mummy.


Condoms with Ribbed Ribbed

We are independent, sex-empowered, and can invest in condoms for our apartment because we are. YourV-Day gifts that are truly memorable include pleasure.


Glissenette Straight Neck Underwire Bra

These bras by SKIMS have taken over our editors’ wardrobes and wallets recently. These bras are the same comfortable, well-fitting style that we love from SKIMS, but with a sexy, shiny fabric. It might make us reconsider what lingerie is.


5 for $40 Undies

Yep, you read that right: five pairs of Parade’s ultra-soft, sexy, sustainable underwear for $40. How do we pick five?


Jewel Satin Teddy

We love to mix sexy with sweetness, especially when comfort is involved. Imagine this: You can use it to binge-read a romance novel on Valentine’s Day. My literal fantasy.


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