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Bridal Outfits For All of Your Wedding Events

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If you’re engaged (or expect to be in the near future!) we assume you’ve already pinned your fair share of wedding dresses. There are many options, from elegant and chic satin midis to large ball gowns, all of which are very exciting. But there’s a whole series of celebrations before the big day, like your shower and bachelorette party, that also call for their very own bridal outfits—and they can be as difficult to find as the dress itself.

While you’re figuring out the guest list, and finally! contact the florist, we’ll help you find those perfect pre-wedding looks, and save that energy for other wedding emergencies. Congratulations, bride to become. This is your day. It’s your week. It’s your month.  your year.



Bridal Shower



The countdown to “I do” officially begins the day of your bridal shower. You and your guests will be extra special thanks to all the gifts and decorations. So what are you going to wear?

There are no official rules for wedding events. Knowing the details of your wedding shower (the what and whereabouts) will make it easier to plan. You can have a casual brunch at your home, an outdoor tropical party, or an evening bridal shower at a fancy French restaurant. They all have their own vibes. 

You don’t have to wear white, and you don’t have to wear a dress. Print jumpsuits, two-piece sets, and tulle midi dresses are all in fashion. As long as you feel like your you-est self, that’s all that matters.


White shower outfits

Shower outfits in non-white

Bachelorette Party



Whether you’re having a Nash bash, a beach bach, or just a boozy night in, one thing’s for sure: Your bachelorette party will be unforgettable. Multiple outfit changes and photo opportunities may be required depending on the destination. So pack accordingly. 

You can message the group chat to coordinate your day-of looks, and finalize the plans (are we going to the spa? Or the slopes?) We recommend going all out for a more formal, glamorous affair. For celebrating, sequins, metallics, fringe, and feathers are all great choices. And once you put your party veil on, you’ll be having the time of your life. You can’t go wrong with your bridesmaids at your side.


White bachelorette outfits

Non-white bachelorette outfits

Bathing Suits

Rehearsal Dinner



It’s the moment: The formal kick-off of your best day ever, also known by the rehearsal dinner. One more major event to go, and you’ll officially be married. Yay!

Do you want to show your support for the upcoming attraction? Consider the details of your wedding dress, such as the lace or silk, and the long sleeves. Prefer to opt for something totally different from the next day’s look? You can make a bold statement with a modern suit set, frilled separates, or a bold pop of color. You have the opportunity to showcase your personal style and try out new trends at the rehearsal dinner. Dress to impress and be a bride.


White rehearsal clothes

Non-white rehearsal outfits

Shoes & Accessories

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