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Heidi Klum Is In The Nude In This Brand New IG Pic—And Her Booty Is 🔥🔥🔥

  • Heidi Klum took to Instagram to share the most incredible post-Christmas photos.
  • The 48-year-old supermodel was photographed in snaps wearing only a comforter. She looks incredible! (Her butt couldn’t be more toned!)
  • Heidi, who enjoys long runs outdoors in NYC, incorporates exercise into her daily life. You can often find Heidi on bike rides with her kids or on trampoline.

    Heidi Klum took to Instagram to say what we’ve all been thinking: “Let’s go back to bed 🥰❤️🎄🚀,” the supermodel captioned a photo of herself wearing nothing but an absolutely luxurious-looking white comforter. I agree with this sis.

    The 48-year old supermodel posted a Christmas-style photo dump, including snaps of her and Tom Kaulitz with Anton. The trio looked positively cozy—but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Heidi’s (totally toned) booty, which is on full displayAs she climbs the massive staircase in her house, Our girl looks strong and sculpted. No surprise for Heidi—who has been modeling since she was 18 and hasn’t stopped since.

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    But of course, Heidi didn’t get that fit by lounging on a couch. How does Heidi keep in such great shape? She said that fitness is a part of her daily life. Women’s Health.

    Heidi worked out with David Kirsch, a New York-based trainer for years. She credits him with helping her get back in shape after having children. But in her 40s, it’s all about making family time double up as exercise, she told WH UK. “I have a treadmill that’s really great, but it sits there unused. I don’t have time for it,” Heidi said.

    “My favorite workout is a long run along the Westside Highway, which stretches along the Hudson River in New York City,” she previously told Glamour. “It’s a beautiful path, and you always feel surrounded by such an amazing community. You see the same people running every morning, and they inspire me to keep going.”

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    These days, Heidi is big on doing outdoorsy activities—and you’ll often catch her going on bike rides or jumping on the trampoline with her kids. (Side note: Not sure if you’ve dipped your toe in the trampoline pool as an adult, but that sh*t is hard and sweaty.)

    Heidi is also meticulous about her meals. Heidi shared her weekly meal plan with WH UK. Breakfast usually includes eggs and toast with salsa or some vegetables. For lunch, she serves fish with lots of greens. For dinner, she has grilled chicken with more veggies and mixed salad. “Your Metabolism definitely changes when you turn 40,” she told WH. “I always thought, ‘That’s not going to happen to me.’ But it is happening to me. I must exercise more if I indulge more. I’ve figured out what works for me.”

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    So while she watches what she eats, she also indulges herself from time to time: “It’s important to keep a balanced diet, but I’m not a fan of deprivation,” she told Glamour. “If I want a cheeseburger, I am not only going to eat that cheeseburger, but I’m going to enjoy that cheeseburger.”

    Cooking most of her family’s meals also factor into her fitness: “[I]We have four children so we cook a lot. I don’t really eat out a lot,” she admitted to ETDuring a 2018 interview. “I think when you eat out a lot or order food in a lot, it kind of gets a little tricky because you don’t know what people are putting in there.”

    BRB. Gotta dig up my running shoes!

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    Source: Women’s Health Mag

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