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Experience the regenerative skincare benefits of marine algae

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Donna Beauty is a beauty specialist that combines Western technology with science and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), wellness and techniques. Donna Beauty’s philosophy of balancing the yin/yang to restore vitality within is reflected in a variety of hand-picked treatments and techniques that are suitable for all skin types and ages. Donna Beauty uses modern Western technology to create advanced facial therapies that can be supported by doctors around the world.

The brand believes in herbal wisdom and experience when it comes to TCM therapies. TCM practitioners at the brand have spent many years in China and Singapore honing their skills. They are well-versed in Chinese herbal knowledge and therapeutic techniques.

Thalassotherapy using French brand Thalgo

The French have long believed in the restorative powers of thalassotherapy – using sea water as a form of therapy. Roman soldiers used hot seawater baths as a way to recover from battle in the past. Today, you don’t need to have post-battle wounds to enjoy thalassotherapy – simply enjoy it in seawater baths, pools and even facial treatments.

The concentration of marine extracts, minerals, and trace elements found in sea water is 10,000 times greater than that found on land. Their biomimicry provides a connection to our skin and provides more oxygenation and negative Ion levels than those found in cities. This is a source of vitality and well-being.

Credit: Thalgo

Thalgo, a French brand, is one of the pioneers in this field. The brand was founded in 1966 by Andre Bouclet, a French pharmacist. It uses an innovative algae micronisation process that allows the algae cells to release nutrients while maintaining the effectiveness of the active ingredients. Andre filed a medical patent to three micronized algae that were used in dermatology, rheumatism, and other conditions.

Thalgo opened a lab on the French Riviera in 1976. Being close to the Grasse, the fragrance capital of the country, Thalgo was able to create and convey the luminosity and revitalising powers of the Riviera’s sun-kissed waters in all its products.

Thalgo is currently used in more than 12,000 professional beauty salons, spas, and thalassotherapy centers worldwide.

Donna Beauty’s Source Marine Hydrating Facial – a treat for the senses

Donna Beauty believes in the regenerative powers of Thalgo’s marine algae. It is also one of Singapore’s leading beauty experts that carries the full range of Thalgo products and treatments in its centres.

The French Thalgo Source Marine Hydrating Facial is 60 minutes long and hydrates all skin types. Dehydrated or dull skin will get the most benefit.

The extensive cleansing ritual is the first part of the treatment. For gentle inhalation, the therapist will apply a blend of essential oils to the face. The therapist then conducts a thorough skin analysis. The Thalgo Velvet Cleansing Milk, a gentle but effective cleanser, removes impurities without stripping.
skin’s natural oils.

Deep cleansing and exfoliation are also part of the cleansing ritual. A compress mask is used to soak in the cleanser.
Thalgo’s Micellar Cleansing Water softens the skin before extraction.

This stage allows the therapist to shape your eyebrows. The second part of treatment is the most important: Thalgo Concentrate can be applied to clear skin and, with Sequential Ultrasound technology the concentrate is instilled into your skin. This non-invasive treatment is cool and light, while the ultrasound aids in better penetration of the concentrate’s properties into the deeper layers of skin.

Credit: Thalgo

The therapist uses Thalgo Cream to perform a facial massage to seal in the concentrate. This facial massage is a soothing ritual that moisturises skin, allowing your skin to fully absorb the goodness of Thalgo’s marine algae nutrients.

The facial lasts for 60 minutes. After the facial, you will receive a customized Thalgo Mask. This mask is made according to your skin type. It can be used for oil-control, hydration or to calm sensitive skin. To finish the Source Marine Facial Treatment ritual, the therapist will give you a shoulder- and hand massage.

Before you leave, you’ll be treated to Thalgo’s Source Marine skincare, with moisturiser and sunscreen applied on your skin. You’ll leave each session refreshed, radiant and with velvety skin.

Donna Beauty has six locations in Singapore. Check out

For $88 net, get the 60-minute Thalgo Source marine hydrating facial for Her World readers. Book your appointment here

Source: Her World

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